Admission and annual plan committee

* To collect proposal / materials from the dept committees and lecturers to draft annual plan of activities for the year for publication in the prospectus.

* To draft the annual plan of the activities for the year and to incorporate the same in the prospectus.

* To finalize college prospectus and admission form for the year

* To provide proper  college Identity cards to the students after reopening of the college  for the year

* To file and maintain the records of the admissions and annual plan.

Time Table committee
Attendance committee
Literary association
Science Association
Commerce association
National Days / National festivals celebration committee
Library service committee
N.S.S Unit
Sports council
Student council
Career guidance cell
SC / ST Cell
Scholarship Committee
Alumni / PTS association
Examination committee
Discipline and Anti-Ragging committee
Grievance committee
Magazine committee
Academic and Administrative Audit committee
Website Development, public relations / press release committee
Purchase and grant utilization / Infrastructure maintenance and development committee