Mission objectives

Govt PU college Bailhongal is a safe, friendly, accessible environment where all students and community members may optimize their academic , career and cultural development.

As Govt PU college Bailhongal continues to advance as a dynamic center for lifelong learning.

We will

1 Provides general, PU level course work loading to an expert education in arts, commerce and science streams.

  1. Prepare to students to obtain two year PU level standardized education to all level of students.
  2. Deliver programs to improve reading, communication and ESL Skills.
  3. Grant opportunities to students to participate in all level of extracurricular activities by providing them an opportunity to bring out the worth in them
  4. Providing an opportunity to all PU level students to participate in all levels of sports meet.
  5. Foster level a comprehensive and enriching program of extracurricular activities.
  6. Conduct community education programs that encourage learning at every stage of life.
  7. Administer customized training programs for business and industry under NSQF program.
  8. Increase career development support for students by arranging special guest lectures by the expert personnel.
  9. Provide every student to participate in various schemes and programs such as, NSS, Rowers and Rangers, Bharat Seva Dal and Scout’s and Guides.
  10. Arranging free blood donation camps and also creating awareness among the students about health and hygiene.
  11. Arranging talks on carrier guidance and personality development for students by inviting expert speakers from different walks of life.
  12. Arranging parent-teachers meet to improve good relationship among the students, parents and teachers.
  13. Observing national festivals and thus inculcate a sense of nationalism and fraternity among the students.
  14. Providing affordable, competitive and remarkable PU education to the privileged and under privileged students.
  15. Preparing the students for competitive and progressive and academic prospect by cherishing in them national spirit and a sense of brotherhood.